Hello, September

By Unknown - 20.55.00

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First days of September I spent by working, studying, and much much less sleeping. I only had 3 hours last night. Normally, on my most hectic days, it was at least 4 hours. As they said, third and fourth semester are the toughest. Yeayness.

But aaaanyway, at the same time, I just cant wait to see what amazing things will be happened in this month. The massive-pathology-anatomy-lab-practice invasive, the making-money-in-a-month or in Indonesian, 'danus', the newest period of CIMSA UNS' official team, the worth-to-wait SCORP CAMP 2013, the meeting with freshmen, and so on, so on.

Sooo, hello, September. Just bring good times. And good experience. Can't wait to have you and go through you.

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