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Hi u guys!

So if you're wondering why I seldom write again, here's my answers :
1. lots of tests and tasks. Seriously, I almost don't have any time to sleep
2. Got supeer duper hectic these days. I just did my job as Organizing Committee in last 2 weeks in Sekolah Binaan and SCORP Time, attending TNT Kaukus V last week (almost a trainer now, yay!), working again as OC in next friday's Weekend Exchange Training, working as OC *again* in next week's International Women's Day, working as OC *oh, and, again* in next 2 weeks' National Peer Education Workshop
3. Lame answer : simply don't know what to write

So, yeah, almost all of my energy got drained. Thanks to my always-hungry type of stomach, I still got my nutrition full :D

Anyway, just because I got busy in CIMSA, I felt drained or sorry. I got excited instead! :D CIMSA always know how to turn anything to super-fun-but-super-responsible type of work.

Sooooooo, keep in spirit, OCs!

See you soon in Solo, delegates!

And let's get WET~

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