Happy Birthday, My Another Family :)

By Unknown - 04.33.00


My another family
My irreplaceable one
A place I dare to call 'home'
A place I can study
A place I can be exactly who I am
A place where everyone blend into one
A place where the word known is 'us', not 'I' or 'You'
A place where I enjoyed being busy :''')
A place where I met all the people
A place of my dreams
A place I would dare to be active once again
A place I believed will make a change
A place I believed I could dedicate to
A place I believe will achieve more
A place I believe, will achieve the goals
Because our vision is one,
to empower medical students of Indonesia
and to make the better Indonesia

dear CIMSA,
happy birthday
you know I love you
too much love that I can't go back
too much love that I never thought "I wish I never gotten into this place"
because the only thing I regretted is
having too much love for you
being too dedicate for you
and my head is full of 'what's next I can do for you" :')

happy birthday, CIMSA
keep doing better
keep empowering medical students
and keep improving nation's health
because I know you can
I know WE CAN

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Manusia yang sudah telanjur jatuh cinta dengan CIMSA

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