Greetings From Home

By Unknown - 21.37.00

So... After these busy days and these I-desperately-miss-home days, I'm finally here! Yay!

My place is really nice, pretty comforting, but, really, nothing can beat home. The scent of your mom's perfume. The fluffiness of your sister's bed. The yelling of your dad when your driving isn't good enough and safe enough by his opinion (hahaha). The taste of your housemaid's cooking. Really. Nothing can be compared to home. Even on my sweetest day away, it's always sweeter to be home. Thank God I still have much time here :''')

Anyways, since my sister will be off to school, mom and dad will be off to work, there's gonna be me and only me in this house. So, beware, random-posts-caused-by-boring-days posts will be attacking soon.

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