By Unknown - 05.59.00

so, it's been almost a month.
and, yes, sometimes, I think about you.
and, yes, I cried at that times, too

How I miss you greeted me every morning
How I miss you made my most delicious coffee
How I miss you teached me make up (meskipun masih amatir)
How I miss the way you refresh my mood easily
How I miss the 'magic connection' we had
How I miss you ask me "are you okay?" when I'm really not
How I miss you tell me to keep going and believe
How I miss you never complain about things - and fix them instead
How I miss you wait by the airport door to see me coming
How I miss the way you know about our favorite snacks
And many other things that I can't say

But I will be the worst person if I didn't let you go
And it's hard, yes it is
And my days would never be the same
But, yeah, what's done is done.
God made, God took. Praise the lord

so, bye Mom.
hope you will be all better up there
pray for me from up above
and I hope to you see you again when my time comes

My best gift for you will be the 'dr' title before my name
And me exchanging rings with the man you knew I would be perfect with
And my children will know, that their grandmother is the stronger woman they will ever know

It's not a goodbye
It's a I'll-see-you-soon-when-my-time-comes

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